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Lighting Their Way Home


Judith Eva Barsi Judith Eva Barsi

As an advocate for victimized children, I know all too well that time means little.  No matter how much time has passed, a child was still taken from this world, and that child deserves to have their story told, their memory honored and their life celebrated.  So today, I ask all of you amazing people to celebrate the life of Judith Eva Barsi with me.

Judith Eva Barsi made her entrance into this world on June 6, 1978.  A star was born.  This talented little girl began her television career early at the age of 5 when she was discovered at a skating rink.  Members of a crew who were at the skating rink shooting a commercial noticed Judith’s superior skating skills.  With that, she was hired for her first commercial for Donald Duck Orange Juice, and…

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To Shave or Not to Shave?

So there’s this new trend, where women are growing out their armpit hair to fight against societal views on the dominant ideology that armpit hair is unclean and very unladylike. This is also being associated with the “feminist” movement. Women all over the internet are supporting this movement and flooding social media with photos of their unshaven armpits with the handle #noshavenoshade.

I’d like to add my 2 cents… Not hating that this movement is trying to fight against the status quo.. but come on. Shaving armpit hair is hygiene, the excess and overgrown hair traps perspiration and contributes to foul scents. On top of that if your deodorant is those solid white bars, that whiteness will get caught in your hair and that’s a disturbing to see, not to mention it ruins good blouses, especially those black ones! Girl nuh uh!

On the contrary, some of these women who are about the #NoShaveArmpit train are actually shaving and waxing their legs for summer, as well as other areas such as the bikini line and arms. If you wanna fight against the essentialist views then go big or go home, refrain from shaving anything at all.

By no means am I bashing any feminists, they have their opinion on this and this is my opinion. Shaving your armpit is hygiene, not saying to shave it as soon as you see a little stubble every day but come on growing it out and looking like a cave girl with smooth legs but hairy arms or smelling foul. Um ladies sometimes we use the concept of “feminism” a bit too loosely.

Food Culture in Trinbago.

As the saying goes, ”Tell me what you eat and I’ll show you who you are.” Food is the epitome of life, it is an art and an expression of culture and preference. In Trinidad and Tobago there is a cosmopolitan taste in food. May this be creole, Chinese, Indian and Arabian cuisine or simply fast food.


In Trinbago we’ll eat just about anything under the sun. From chicken, lamb and fish as day-to-day food to agouti, caiman, snake, iguana and monkey for the holidays and festivities. We never seem to throw caution to the wind when it comes to our stomachs. In addition, we have a wide variety of street foods, which range from pig and chicken foot souse, geera pork and the Trinidad-Indian cuisine of doubles which is usually closely accompanied by a cold apple-j. These are just some to name a few.


We must give ourselves credit for being able to manipulate recipes to create even more extravagant dishes, such as chicken doubles and shrimp roti. Regardless of which culture the food originates, we Trinbagonians always embrace new foods as our taste buds have been able to accommodate just about anything. Finally, we seem to have a curiosity and taste which becomes fully attuned to all foods. Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago, the place where food is at its finest.


As a Trinbagonian food is a tangible form of expression of our culture, heritage and people.

Thank you to my guest blogger Troy, for enlightening us on the food culture of T&T 🙂

He’s passionate about cooking and his culture check out his blog : https://troydechi.wordpress.com/

Social Network A Medium for Communication and Ruining Relationships??

Grateful for the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Triniadvice’s blog this week 🙂

Impacts of Social Media on Relationships


Has Social Network evolved into a seemingly easier, less psychotic way to “stalk” or keep tabs on your significant other? This blog will explore how this has been happening with particular reference to Facebook.


A friend once mentioned that the guy she’s been dating for almost 5 months sent her a “relationship status request” on Facebook. Now this isn’t the simple “In a relationship <3” this is the “In a relationship with…..” Her excitement was uncontainable to say the least. She expressed how much she liked him and enjoyed how he’d like her photos and status and write on her wall, unlike her ex-boyfriend. With the most quizzical look on my face I contemplated if this was the “big ask” to be in a relationship, since he’d never asked her in ‘real life’. Why would she be so excited to think asking one to be in a committed and real relationship would…

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Stereotypes Embedded in Disney Movies

No Better Movie than a Disney Movie?

The truth is I can go on and on about the stereotypes that are cryptic or even blatant in Disney movies. These movies are so saturated with gender and racial stereotypes, its almost impossible to make mention of all of them.

Disney movies have warmed the hearts of children and adults alike, telling stories of overcoming triumphant challenges, going against the odds, rising from difficult situations and the rags to riches stories. Along with these stories come valuable lessons like being determined, not giving up and having persistence.

However, are these the only stories or ideologies we’re gaining from these movies? As harmless as some of these movies may seem there are other pervasive themes that are being overlooked.



Cinderella and Outer Appearance


Cinderella shows us that your physical appearance matters when getting a man to marry you. The Prince only notices her when she is all “dolled up” by her Fairy God Mother and instantly falls in love with her at the Ball. He was nowhere to be found as she was a hard worker, waking up diligently every morning doing chores (another gender stereotype of the woman being a housekeeper). Why didn’t he notice her in her rags, why did he need the infamous “glass slipper” to fit to know it was her? Only when the glass slipper fit her and she then transformed again into the glamorous princess, did he recognize her. This shows that her physical appearance played a drastic role in why the prince fell for her. Also you can notice the distinct difference between Cinderella and her step-sisters, they do not have the “desirable attributes” needed to be a Princess.

Cinderella vs. Wicked Step Sisters
Cinderella vs. Wicked Step Sisters

Arab Stereotypes in Aladdin


Aladdin is laden with stereotypes, generally stereotypes that are arguably historically inaccurate and are flat out offensive. First you have Aladdin who’s a thief, the majority of men in the movie have mediocre jobs (snake charmers, sword swallowers etc.), the aristocratic men display an abuse of their power and greed and of course the fact that there are half naked women in almost every scene. The movie also showcases Arabs as inhumane, barbaric and aggressive people.

Jasmine as a Sexual Object

Jasmine seducing Aladdin
Jasmine seducing Aladdin

Jasmine although headstrong and stubborn, is portrayed as a female who utilizes her sexuality to get her way and manipulate men when she needs to. Similarly to nearly every Disney Princess, Jasmine’s body is the “desirable figure” sending a message to young girls watching that to be a Princess there are the qualities that are required physically. Jasmine is essentially objectified and is highly eroticized almost to an inappropriate portrayal for young viewers. Her role as a female in society is to marry an eligible bachelor. Aladdin, only becomes eligible when Genie transforms him into the ideological image of a Prince: handsome, well-dressed and of course wealthy. Thus portraying questionable stereotypes for the young viewers watching.

Ariel Gives Up Everything For Prince Eric


The Little Mermaid is a story of a brave, adventurous and determined girl. However, this girl ends up “selling her soul” by giving up her most precious talent, her voice to Ursula, changes her anatomy, defies her father and abandons her home, family and friends to be with Prince Eric. Basically, it is the journey and lengths a girl would go to for her Prince Charming, even if it means changing who she is to be with the man of her “dreams”. If this isn’t a wrong direction to steer young girls in then something is completely wrong with society.

A Tale as Old as Time

The Disney vault has a numerous amount of movies to choose from, but since the early 1900s there has been a stagnant theme of the “Damsel in Distress”, the helpless girl rescued by a handsome, charming man. These princesses also have their physical appearance to be suited to what is deemed desirable. Slim figure, long hair, light skin and perfect features. Towbin et al., highlights common characteristics of young women as, “(a) A woman’s appearance is valued more than her intellect, (b) Women are helpless and in need of protection, (c) Women are domestic and are likely to marry, and (d) Overweight women are ugly, unpleasant, and unmarried (14).”

However, in recent years Disney has been trying to neutralize their somewhat consistent portrayal of their characters from the oppressed female and handsome, charming Princes coming along to rescue her. These include, “Mulan”, Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog” and most recent of all Elsa from “Frozen”. Even though there are still minor stereotypes permeating throughout the movies, the female characters are so empowering that it takes away from those stereotypes.


You Don’t Need a Man


Towbin, Mia Adessa, et al. “Images of Gender, Race, Age, and Sexual Orientation in Disney Feature-Length Animated Films.” Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 15:4, 2004, p. 19-44

Social Media Purge

We build our lives around and about Social Media
Social media buttonsWe build our lives around and about Social Media

Social Media is the greatest gift to mankind… Or so I thought. My first day in the lecture for Communications Technology at UWI, our Lecturer Dr. Smith challenged us to a “Social Media Purge.” This purge entailed staying away from every social forum; that meant no Whatsapp, no Twitter, no Facebook, not even Tumblr. The only forums at our disposal were email, SMS texts and phone calls. We were to uphold this purge for three (3) ENTIRE days!!! That’s like 3 months in Social Media world, do you know how much could happen in those days??

The horror that consumed me when I processed this nightmare of an assignment was overwhelming. This purge was scheduled to begin midnight of this same day, what madness??? Instantly I did what any social, young adult of our era would do, I took it to Social Media to rant of course. I tweeted my disbelief, while followers replied and retweeted, posted on Facebook, getting much support from friends and family in comments.

The night came too soon, I binged on Twitter like I was leaving for a trip to the other end of the world, tweeting literally every 2 minutes. Withdrawals began to kick in before I even began. At exactly midnight I switched off Wi-Fi and Data with the intent to leave it off for 72 hours. I fell asleep in no time. Waking up revived and ready to go, I realized I arrived on time to class- first time ever. Throughout the day my fingers twitched with the urgency to tweet, post or message someone. However, my control was beyond strong. I made a commitment to take on this challenge and be successful, especially after knowing our lecturer would be doing the reverse of our challenge, a “Social Media Binge”.

My first day went by with me finishing assignments that were due weeks ahead of when I did them and again an early rest. On day 2, my friend Johann, from UTT gave me a surprise visit on my campus. All my classes were finished on that day so we took a drive all the way to Chagaramas where we met up other friends who I didn’t see in what felt like forever. We went to Macqueripe beach and had the most spontaneous day. It was an adventure, from driving new routes, walking new paths to climbing trees. I realized the simplest things that day that I would never have if I was able to be on my phone to use Social Media. I even had a girls’ day with my best friend Mervina, we spoke so much uninterrupted by pings and dings of Social Media notifications. I took the time to appreciate the real things and people in life rather than the virtual ones..

By day 3, not using Social Media was way too easy. Assignments were being completed by the masses, quality time was spent with my friends and family and I was able to get enough rest. At the end of the purge at midnight on day 3, I didn’t even want to switch my data back on as I was dreading the flood of messages and notifications- so I didn’t. I left my phone as it was without the Social Forums to annoy me and slept peacefully for a third night in a row.

I can say without a doubt that although Social Media is arguably one of the most evolutionary and fun inventions of the 21st Century, it can cause much procrastination and makes you lose out on life that’s passing you by. Another purge is in my near future. I urge the excessive Social Media users to try it out and see how beneficial it can be and just how much you have been missing out on while sitting and killing  your overworked phalanges and further damaging your already strained eyes. Trust me when I say waking up without those horrid bags under your eyes and relaxing while everyone else is rushing to meet deadlines on assignments is worth it. It may not seem like Social Media is consuming all that time, but giving it a break shows just how much it was taking away.

Hello world! So I’m finally blogging :D


Welcome to my blog…

As you may have noticed my tagline is “Rantings of a Free Spirit” essentially I have a tendency to “rant” about things, not in an annoying way but in a passionate way. I’m a free spirit, someone who goes with the flow, rolls with the punches and makes the best out of any given situation. I tend to take risks and chase after my dreams in hope of becoming a completely fulfilled human being, to achieve my purpose in life. What that purpose is? I don’t know as yet, but I’m flowing on the current of life as it takes me to my destination.

My blog is devoted to Stereotypes that exist in Society. These stereotypes are classified into different categories, ranging from gender, age and racial stereotypes. Our view on the world is based on the ideologies that we have from past experiences and from historical narratives. Our society teaches us to judge persons based on these set stereotypes where we sometimes misunderstand or have misconceptions of things, places, situations and people. As someone who has had to deal with misleading and even offensive stereotypes I feel strongly about this topic. Thus, I chose to set this theme of Stereotyping as the foundation of my blog.

Hoping to read what others have to say and partake in the exchange of knowledge…

I shall now proceed to go forth and blog..

.. Remember……….. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!