To Shave or Not to Shave?

So there’s this new trend, where women are growing out their armpit hair to fight against societal views on the dominant ideology that armpit hair is unclean and very unladylike. This is also being associated with the “feminist” movement. Women all over the internet are supporting this movement and flooding social media with photos of their unshaven armpits with the handle #noshavenoshade.

I’d like to add my 2 cents… Not hating that this movement is trying to fight against the status quo.. but come on. Shaving armpit hair is hygiene, the excess and overgrown hair traps perspiration and contributes to foul scents. On top of that if your deodorant is those solid white bars, that whiteness will get caught in your hair and that’s a disturbing to see, not to mention it ruins good blouses, especially those black ones! Girl nuh uh!

On the contrary, some of these women who are about the #NoShaveArmpit train are actually shaving and waxing their legs for summer, as well as other areas such as the bikini line and arms. If you wanna fight against the essentialist views then go big or go home, refrain from shaving anything at all.

By no means am I bashing any feminists, they have their opinion on this and this is my opinion. Shaving your armpit is hygiene, not saying to shave it as soon as you see a little stubble every day but come on growing it out and looking like a cave girl with smooth legs but hairy arms or smelling foul. Um ladies sometimes we use the concept of “feminism” a bit too loosely.


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