Food Culture in Trinbago.

As the saying goes, ”Tell me what you eat and I’ll show you who you are.” Food is the epitome of life, it is an art and an expression of culture and preference. In Trinidad and Tobago there is a cosmopolitan taste in food. May this be creole, Chinese, Indian and Arabian cuisine or simply fast food.


In Trinbago we’ll eat just about anything under the sun. From chicken, lamb and fish as day-to-day food to agouti, caiman, snake, iguana and monkey for the holidays and festivities. We never seem to throw caution to the wind when it comes to our stomachs. In addition, we have a wide variety of street foods, which range from pig and chicken foot souse, geera pork and the Trinidad-Indian cuisine of doubles which is usually closely accompanied by a cold apple-j. These are just some to name a few.


We must give ourselves credit for being able to manipulate recipes to create even more extravagant dishes, such as chicken doubles and shrimp roti. Regardless of which culture the food originates, we Trinbagonians always embrace new foods as our taste buds have been able to accommodate just about anything. Finally, we seem to have a curiosity and taste which becomes fully attuned to all foods. Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago, the place where food is at its finest.


As a Trinbagonian food is a tangible form of expression of our culture, heritage and people.

Thank you to my guest blogger Troy, for enlightening us on the food culture of T&T 🙂

He’s passionate about cooking and his culture check out his blog :


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